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Chimney Maintenance Services

Ensure the longevity and safety of your chimney with our comprehensive maintenance services. From thorough sweeps and fireplace cleaning to detailed inspections and fire prevention measures, we prioritize the health and efficiency of your chimney.

Chimney Sweep

Experience a clean and efficient chimney with our expert sweep service. We remove creosote, debris, and blockages, reducing the risk of chimney fires and ensuring optimal ventilation. Trust us for a safer and more efficient heating experience.

Fireplace Cleaning

Revitalize your fireplace with our meticulous cleaning service. We eliminate ash, soot, and build-up, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your fireplace. Enjoy a cozy, well-maintained living space with our professional fireplace cleaning.

Chimney Inspection

Comprehensive chimney inspections for early detection of issues, promoting safety and longevity.

Fire Prevention

Mitigate fire risks through our preventive measures, safeguarding your home and loved ones.

Chimney Repair Services

Address structural issues promptly and restore the integrity of your chimney with our expert repair services. From general repairs to crown and bricks restoration, our skilled team ensures your chimney remains resilient and safe.

Chimney Repair

Address structural issues promptly with our skilled chimney repair services.

Chimney Crown Repair

Protect your chimney from water damage with our precise crown repair solutions.

Chimney Bricks Repair

Restore the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your chimney with expert brick repairs.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Seal gaps and prevent leaks with our flashing repair services, enhancing chimney resilience.

Chimney Parts Installation

Upgrade and enhance your chimney with our professional parts installation services. From installing protective caps and efficient dampers to optimizing ventilation with liners and transforming aesthetics with bricks panel and chase cover installations, we cover all aspects of chimney improvement.

Chimney Cap Installation

Upgrade your chimney's defense against the elements with our professional cap installation.

Chimney Damper Installation

Enhance energy efficiency and control airflow with our precise damper installations.

Liner Installation

Optimize ventilation and protect against corrosion with our expert chimney liner installations.

Bricks Panel Installation

Transform the appearance of your chimney with our quality bricks panel installation services.

Chase Cover Installation

Upgrade your chimney chase cover for enhanced protection against weather elements.

Reviews Tell Our Values, Check Before Hire a Chimney Pro

We had Chimneys USA come out to take a look at our damper and he was able to evaluate our problem and propose our possible solutions so quick and efficiently. We are so glad we called them! Thank you!
Chimney Sweep
Ron Burnwood
Amazing guys amazing service 10 starts all the way around he came in knocked out the work was very calm when presenting an issue and just an overall great experience with Chimneys USA.
Chimney services - chimneys USA
Lily Granger​

I am absolutely thankful I went with Chimneys USA.  They treated my home like their own. Did an amazing job and the price was right.

Jeson Foxx

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